Kyla Grogan (also has legs (1) wow!) KYLA!

Video: Kyla Grogan (also has legs (1) wow!) KYLA!

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Great segment(s) from "Weekend Now" of (who seems to be Heather Tesch's replacement) Kyla Grogan. (11/03/12) © Weather Channel All Rights Reserved.

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Video Comments

yeah I thought she looked familiar she used to be the Onion Anchor
very sexy lady awesome booty
this is bull shit
Clarence Jackson
I disagree. Kyla is #1 and Heather is #2
Scott Anderson
Sexy body!!! She is so hot!!! I love her booty! xoxo♥
I know, penis! She's frickin' hot as hell!
Everyone drooling over her should check out her older stuff from The Onion. All the hotness, but funnier.
Rocky Quitoriano
Thank God Kyla doesn't do the morning shift or I would be late for work every fucking day lol
Marshall Cameron
Dat body!