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clip of Beth Behrs in tight pajama shorts from the show 2 Broke Girls

Source: YouTube
Channel: Entertainment
Author: silvrazor

Length: 00:21
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charlie s
And great legs! Since I will never have either of them, why not want them both at the same time. Like Thanksgiving - a little "dark and light".
prettier face, better body, not dumb
I hate this video. I have to make another one.
Her lips are fuckin' sexy. And I don't care if she's pale or dark. I don't like skinny bitches as much as I like stacked chicks. Also that blonde dumbness is a huge turn-off for me.
And so the battle continues between ass and boobs once more as men can never settle on an agreement, but it's a tough decision between these two for me. It's between dat ass or dem bewbies.
They are both pretty to me, but Kat does have a bigger chest. Also her acting dumb makes her hot to me.
Well well... While Kat has the nice boobs, Beth has that great butt! Double sweet!
kat dennings win.
The brunnette is way hotter.